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When it comes to your dog’s health, you don’t have time for guessing games.

The animals we bring into our lives are more than pets – they’re family. That’s why Tara and Jessica are serious about their work as editors at They write about animal health, canine digestive issues, training, vaccine protocols, and more. They understand the importance of getting it right, no matter the topic they’re exploring.

Every article they publish is backed by the latest in animal health research. At the end of each article, you can find a list of sources so you can do your due diligence and see that they have done theirs.

Tara and Jessica have firsthand experience with going above and beyond to keep their dogs healthy.

In 2019, their rescue dogs, Sammy and Kali, were experiencing unexplainable digestive issues. In their quest for answers, they approached local veterinarians. They had numerous emergency visits. But they still had not rooted out the main cause.

That’s when Tara and Jessica decided to find the answer themselves. 

Jess and Tara with their dogs

They put their decades of experience in health tech, business management, and their passion for dog rescue into action.

They conducted extensive research into key health indicators in dogs. What they discovered is that the stool is a key indicator in helping dogs who are experiencing symptoms of illness or infection. Often, testing the stool is the first step toward diagnosing the issue.

To share their hard-won insights with other dog owners, Tara and Jessica started DIG Labs. Their veterinarian-trusted app provides a lab-inspired digestive health check for your dog. 

Learn more about DIG Labs here.

We know that your dog’s digestive health is just one part of living life with our furry friends. At, we strive to equip dog owners with the information they need to help their dogs lead full and happy lives.

Do you have experience or expertise you would like to share?

Tara and Jessica enjoy writing about animal health and helping fellow dog owners. But we also want to hear from you! 

If you’d like to write about animal health for us, send us your article or pitch us your idea and we’ll get back to you within two weeks. 

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